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Since before we married, Bryan and I have used the phrase, ”It’s Always an Adventure”! Little did we know the adventure God had in store for us when we bought a gangly Paint, named Buddy. He was just too flashy for that, so the renaming began. After a series of ridiculous suggestions from our kids, Bryan captured my heart, when he suggested we name him “I Promise”. Soon after, we would become a blended family with 6 sons. Blind to the baggage we were both dragging along behind us, Promise was to be the reminder of not only the promises we would make to one another, but also the promises our Lord provides when we seek Him. Throughout our marriage, we periodically opened our baggage and strewed it about causing even more hurt. You see, brokenness leaves us carrying hurt our Savior never intended for us to. As we regained focus on God and raised our boys, each amazing adventure began to string moments of good together into a lifetime of love. We found the more we sought God, the load lightened and the baggage became a tool for the adventures God had planned for our lives. Our journey isn’t a perfect one, but knowing the Lord chose us to draw close to him is the reason we are able to empty our baggage of sin, fear, mistrust, unforgiveness, pride, and bitterness in front of Him, freeing us to receive His mercy and grace.

The opportunities at Promise Ranch are the apex of our journey and the beginning of God’s adventure to unite others through connection. We hope you might make it part of your family’s adventure, too. We are excited to share the stories of God's love and restoration, the farm, the animals, and all it has to offer with you.


Michele resigned recently after a successful career in quality management, she graduated from Lynchburg University with a Bachelors in Chemistry. She loves seeing people grow and enjoys helping people achieve personal and professional goals. She loves people and is always excited to hear and share how God’s love changes lives.

Bryan grew up in Bedford County and graduated from WestPoint Military Academy where he served in the Army as a helicopter pilot. He had some amazing adventures and loves to share his stories of brotherhood, honor, and determination with others. He doesn’t know a stranger and loves to connect with others. His career has been in business management, but his favorite title is Senior Pooper Scooper on the farm!


Build Relationships With God

Build Relationships With Each Other

Let's learn together who God is and what kind of relationship He wants to have with each of us! As you work through each obstacle, you will open the door to a deeper understanding of His love for us.

God designed us to be in relationship with one another. Join us to discover how to strengthen our relationships and maybe make some new friends along the way!

Promise, Charger, Kodiak, and Carson are waiting to meet you and work with you through a series of obstacles. Each obstacle will challenge you to understand the the basic principals of "Horse Communication."

Promise Ranch exists to embrace Jesus Christ as a foundation for anyone seeking to build healthy, positive, and understanding relationships.

Promise Ranch is a place where a unique combination of natural horsemanship techniques and bible study is used to develop a deeper, more meaningful, connection with one another. By studying aspects of God’s love and mercy that define our relationship with Him, we work our way through a series of obstacles, building relationships with each horse, and also with one another.

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Build Relationships With Horses

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